3″ Losmandy dovetail bar, length 300mm

SKU: 10M2125

3" Losmandy dovetail bar by 10Micron, length 300mm, black anodized aluminum


Technical specs
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300 mm length dovetail bar, Losmandy style (3”), made of black an3odized aluminum; it can be used directly on the GM1000 Mount: for the other GM mounts it requires the following adapters:

GM2000: #10M2085 or #10M2185
GM3000: #10M3545 + #10M2085 or #10M2185
GM4000: #10M4545 #10M2085 or #10M2185

Technical specs
  • Material: Black anodize, CNC machined aluminum
  • Losmandy style dovetail (3”)
  • Length: 300mm (11.8”)
Included items

3″ dovetail bar, 300mm length, black anodized aluminum

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GM1000 HPS Accessories diagram

GM2000 HPS Accessories diagram

GM3000 HPS Accessories diagram

GM4000 HPS Accessories diagram

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